New Rotary air knife

air gun

Product Overview

This is a new type of air knife, which can also be used as an air gun nozzle according to users’ requirements. MV-50 rotary nozzle is very suitable for large-scale or wide-range water removal, and has been widely used in industries such as workpiece processing dust blowing, plastic parts dust removal, water removal, metal processing and oil removal.

Working principle of rotary air knife

When the Manvac rotary nozzle is connected to the air source, the pipe starts to move under the pressure and rotates along the inner wall of the conical wheel in the nozzle movement range. When you touch the nozzle of Ming Kai rotary nozzle with your hand, you will feel the intermittent impact of air. This is the shock wave. The air impact force generated by the shock wave generated by the pipe rotation is the same as the speed of the pipe rotation. (MV series: more than 20 revolutions per second). The cone (white cover) is a component that rotates synchronously with the nozzle tube. Through this synchronous rotation, the friction resistance can be reduced and the dust can be kept away.

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