2023 Distributors Meeting At Manvac blowers Factory

2023 Distributors Meeting At Manvac blowers Factory

After welcoming the happy and festive China New Year, manvac conveniently held the 2023 annual dealer meeting forum.

At 4: 00 pm, manvac invited aerodynamic experts at 4: 00 pm, and manvac invited aerodynamic experts to introduce product development production lines and new products to manvac dealers in detail.(The picture shows Manvac’s new air suspension blower in 2023.)

Micro air suspension fan, combined with the world’s advanced air suspension technology, opens up a new situation of sewage treatment.

In order to provide dealers and customers with better quality Side Channel Blower and High Speed Blower, manvac purchased five advanced cnc equipments. With the help of these equipments, manvac’s production capacity increased to 5,000 units per day.

Guests visited the high speed blower production line. In the past year, manvac’s high speed blower sales network expanded to 60+ countries and regions. In 2023, manvac added new production lines to increase production capacity, and it is expected to reach 100 million US dollars in sales in 2024!

At the same time, air knife products are also manvac’s specialty. Through feedback from dealers, more customers like to buy side channel blower or high speed blower to use with air knife products at the same time.

side channel blower,high speed blower And an air suspension blower.

After 5 hours’ visit, manvac’s production strength and product innovation give dealers full confidence, under our expectation! 2023manvac is even better!

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